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Welcome to A1 Financial Modelling

About Us

A1 Financial Modelling is a service company, specialising in the provision of bespoke financial modelling services to clients of all sizes, in all sectors, nationwide.

Our clients typically require a combination of financial modelling consultancy and modelling training to enable them to consistently produce effective models to support informed business decisions.

Either by working collaboratively with our clients to produce quality business tools, or by helping them to develop and empower their existing talent, A1 Financial Modelling draws on extensive experience to become your trusted business partner.

Best of all, we provide a personalised, “Big 4” quality financial modelling consultancy and training service without the “Big 4” price tag.

View our credentials and recent engagements.

“A1 Financial Modelling provide a thoroughly professional solution. They took the time to understand our needs, enabling them to provide a better solution than we had envisaged.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending A1 Financial Modelling for any Excel modelling work.”

“They quickly understood what made the operation tick and what was needed by the banks and bidders during the sale process.”

“Once again they worked quickly, efficiently and professionally, and with a high level of attention to detail.”

“We asked them on a number of occasions to produce complex work at short notice and they always produced the goods on time.”

“One of the PE bidders commented that it was the best piece of modelling work that he had seen from a seller.”

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   Why Training?

Financial modelling skills are most effectively shared on training courses because of the benefit of the real time, hands on experience of an expert.

Excel is an assumed skill by the majority of employers and often very little, if any, formal training is provided for the established user. Few fields of professional development receive so little attention...

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   Corporate Finance

We have significant experience in the development of models to support transactions or the raising of bank or investor finance. Successfully supported transactions have ranged from £10million to £120million in deal value.

In these situations integrity is paramount. Small but avoidable errors in your financial projections can undermine the confidence of potential investors...

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   Existing Model Rebuild

Financial models require maintenance and, periodically, overhaul. Business needs change, timelines alter, people move on and functionality requirements continuously evolve.

Spreadsheets can also become unclear, not fit for purpose and difficult or time consuming to maintain. This is especially true where they are large, complex, used over an extended period of time, or are accessed by multiple users...

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   The FAST Standard

The FAST standard was founded on its acronym, Flexible, Accurate, Structured, and Transparent, over ten years ago. It is now used by thousands of modellers worldwide as a shared code for financial modelling.

The ongoing development of the standard is a collaborative process in which all professional financial modellers can participate...

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A1 Financial Modelling complies with the FAST standard and all other best practice in its financial modelling consultancy and modelling training courses.

To enquire further about any of our services, please contact A1 Financial Modelling.