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Our Managing Director

Mark Lawrenson is an ACA qualified chartered accountant with over nine years of experience building and reviewing quality Excel based financial models before founding A1 Financial Modelling Limited.

Prior to establishing the business, Mark was Assistant Director and Modelling Champion for Deloitte Corporate Finance in the Midlands where he was instrumental in the successful completion of a number of multi-million pound M&A, LBO and Private Equity transactions.

Latterly he worked in industry as both a Deputy Finance Director and Finance Director gaining valuable practical experience in both the public and private sectors before returning to specialise in modelling.

A1 Financial Modelling has been building quality bespoke financial models since 2011.

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Below are a few quotes taken from references from our satisfied clients:

“A1 Financial Modelling provide a thoroughly professional solution. Mark took the time to understand our needs, enabling him to provide a better solution than we had envisaged.”

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark for any Excel modelling work.”

“He quickly understood what made the operation tick and what was needed by the banks and bidders during the sale process.”

“Once again he worked quickly, efficiently and professionally, and with a high level of attention to detail.”

“We asked him on a number of occasions to produce complex work at short notice and he always produced the goods on time.”

“One of the PE bidders commented that it was the best piece of modelling work that he had seen from a seller.”

To see references in full, or if you would like to speak to past clients, please contact us.



We have experience of working with a wide array of sectors including:

•  Energy,

•  Pubs & Restaurants,

•  Manufacturing,

•  Consultancy,

•  Public Sector,

•  Healthcare,

•  Media,

•  Retail,

•  Children’s Nurseries,

•  Wholesale / Distribution,

•  Business Services, and

•  Engineering.

Recent Engagements

A1 Financial Modelling's most recent appointments include:

ETM Group

ETM Group Ltd

A scaleable budgeting and financing model to support the expansion of this London based pub and restaurant business.


J C Rathbone Associates Ltd

A detailed budgeting model to support budgeting for a London risk consultancy business.

Hesley Group Logo

The Hesley Group

Production of a new forecasting model to support the growth and development of this Doncaster based healthcare group.


Nylacast Ltd

Production of detailed budgeting model to support the raising of finance for a Leicester Leeds based manufacturing business.


Oakman Inns & Restaurants Ltd

Production of detailed budgeting model to support the expansion of a national inn and restaurant business.


Jigsaw 24 Ltd

Production of detailed budgeting and financing model to support a Nottingham based I.T. reseller business.

Ocee Design

Ocee Design International Ltd

Production of detailed budgeting model to support a Northampton based commercial furniture manufacturer.


Boxpark Ltd

Production of a budgeting model to support expansion for a Brighton based pop-up mall business.



Production of a detailed start-up budgeting and financing model for a medical testing business.


Sygnature Discovery Ltd

Production of a detailed budgeting model to support a Nottingham based drug discovery 16:05 14/11/2017business.

Arc Inspirations

Arc Inspirations LLP

Production of detailed budgeting model to support the raising of finance for a Leeds based bar and restaurant business.


Virtua Holdings Ltd

Production of a transactional and long term financial planning model to support external investment for a Swindon based telecommunications group.

Village Vet

Village Vet Ltd

Production of a site-by-site detailed long-term budgeting model for this chain of ets based in London and Cambridgeshire.

Energy Circle

Energy Circle Ltd

A flexible lon-term cash flow model to model alternative renewable power generation scenerios for this Manchester start-up.


Clamason Industries Ltd

A forecasting model to aid third party investment in the growth story of this Dudly based precision pressings and stampings manufacturer.

YourCash Logo

YourCash Ltd

Improvements to existing models produced by A1 Financial Modelling including scenario functionality and detailed KPI outputs.

Quantum Logo

Quantum Care Ltd

Expansion and improvements to previously done site-led budgeting model for this Hertfordshire based care home business.

Angel Springs

Angel Springs Ltd

Production of detailed budgeting model for a Birmingham based water cooler business.



Production of transactional and long term financial planning model for a Nottingham healthcare business preparing to go to market.

ESG Logo

Essex Safety Glass Ltd

Transactional model to support the sale of this innovative manufacturing business with detailed financing flexibility.

Hovis Logo

Hovis Ltd

Reporting model work for the national bread manufacturer.

YourCash Logo

YourCash Ltd

A budget / forecasting model for this international cash machine business based in Milton Keynes.



Production of the long term finacial plans for a start-up in the Online Financial Services sector based in London.

Ombudsman Services Logo

The Ombudsman Service Ltd

An extremely flexible and scaleable pricing model to support sales pitch evaluation to underpin the company's ambitious growth plans.

Thai Leisure Logo

Thai Leisure Group Ltd

A long term forecasting model to support the expansion of this national restaurant chain based in Leeds.

CCH Logo

Carter Cabin Hire Ltd

A long term and very flexible forecasting model to support the growth of this Kings Lynn business.

Quantum Logo

Quantum Care Ltd

Both a detailed annual site-led budgeting model and a long term group forecasting model for a Hertfordshire based care home business.

Asap54 Logo

ASAP 54 Ltd

The production of a product led business planning model for a new and fast growing fashion mobile app company.

TTG Logo

Team Telecom Group Ltd

A multi business forecasting and consolidation model with detailed KPIs and cash flows for a telecommunications group based in Derby.

Deb Logo

Deb Group Ltd

Further bespoke modelling services to aid the successful sale of the newly enlarged business to SC Johnson.

Hesley Group Logo

The Hesley Group

Several staff rota and reporting models to simplify and standardise reporting across the group.

Healthcare Homes Logo

Healthcare Homes Ltd

Development and production of a bespoke, long term forecasting model for a large chain of care homes and home care services with its head office in Essex.

Deb Logo

Deb Group Ltd

The production of an acquisition model to support the purchase of Stoko Professional Skin Care from Evonik Industries to create the world’s leading occupational skincare company.
Many iterations, alterations and developments for increased functionality were required to cater for many stakeholders in this time critical, highly sensitive and successful engagement.

YSC Logo


An operational and reporting model for this global firm of business psychologists based in London.

Blockbuster Logo

Blockbuster Entertainment Ltd (In Administration)

The production of a flexible and versatile operational model to simultaneously evaluate several different recovery opportunities for a well known media retail group undergoing administration.
This engagement was performed under significant time pressure and was also highly sensitive both internally and externally.

Care Fertility Logo

Care Fertility Group

A group trading and operating model to support the raising of finance for a national healthcare group.

Hesley Group Logo

The Hesley Group

Operational and reporting models to simplify and automate month-end processes and high quality reporting for a healthcare group with its headquarters in Doncaster.

Essence Logo

Essence Digital Limited

Building an operational / transactional model to support trading, budgeting and a buy and build strategy for an innovative and fast growing international media company based in London.

E.ON Logo

E.ON plc

Rebuilding and fundamentally redeveloping the finance model to support the £1.5 billion operational / capex project of Smart Metering for E.ON, the major (big six) national and international energy company, bringing together plans for capital and revenue expenditure over a thirty year time period.



The production and continued support of a very complex transactional model to support the sale of a major, successful UK healthcare provider. The scope involved:

o  Operational trading model build;

o  Integrated financial statements, KPI and sensitivity outputs;

o  Scenario / sensitivity controls and functionality;

o  Flexible transaction functionality;

o  Detailed bespoke financing overlay;

o  Covenant monitoring; and

o  Complementary training to enable management,
    potential purchasers and finance providers to adopt
    the model for ongoing use.

E.ON Logo

E.ON plc

A long-term financial modelling build and consultancy engagement at a major (big six) national and international energy company assessing and evaluating a significant change programme and an array of medium and long-term projects.

A1 Financial Modelling complies with the FAST standard and all other best practice in its financial modelling consultancy and modelling training courses.

To enquire further about any of our services, please contact A1 Financial Modelling.

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